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Relish the creaminess and unique mouth feel of Soothys white chocolate. Soothys makes its Milk chocolate bars with quality cocoa butter made from the cocoa beans sourced from farms of Andhra Pradesh, whole milk powder and muscovado sugar. We make chocolate as it has to be reducing the sugar levels using muscovado sugar for sweetening. We use A grade vanilla beans to give our chocolate nice natural flavour. Dark chocolate is considered to be good for health in many ways and together with muscovado sugar Soothys chocolate provides you one of the best India could offer.

All our Milk chocolate have a limit of 30% on muscovado sugar creating a tasty and guilt free snack for our customers.


  • Pure and Honest Ingredients
  • Chocolate made with Single Origin Cocoa beans from Andhra Pradesh
  • No artificial flavours or emulsifiers
  • Muscovado Sugar which brings unique caramel notes to the chocolate.


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