About Us

Soothys is an bean-to-bar chocolate maker in India. Soothys provides the real chocolate experience to its customers through various chocolate confectionery made with pure and healthy ingredients. Soothys makes chocolate confectionery for all age groups. Soothys helps its customers adopt to healthy variants of the chocolate by avoiding sugar, artificial Flavors and Emulsifiers.

Soothys provides chocolate confectionery to be consumed as a better for you guilt free and healthy daily snack rather than a perceived unhealthy sugar loaded binge snack.

Craft chocolate revolution is catching up in India and over years there are many brands which have come to market offering single origin craft chocolates. Founded in March 2021, Soothys is one of the very few companies to take a different perspective of what India has to offer to the craft chocolate industry. 

Over 8 months from incorporation, Soothys team has created more than 40 recipes of craft chocolate bars and other confectionery on an R&D basis. We have been working with some of the big brand five star hotels providing them quality chocolate confectionery for their patisserie. 

We would like to create a difference for every stakeholder across the value chain starting from farmers, our employees and most importantly our customers. India has such rich food heritage which can be used in creating unique chocolate recipes. We will strive to bring our customers unique recipes made with local ingredients from time to time. 

Soothys also offers custom couverture cooking chocolate working closely with businesses in fine baking industry. This helps to create unique products which differentiate them in market.   

All our chocolates are sweetened with muscovado sugar which is a complex carb/super food, helps in weight control and get the right nutrition. Our products cater to every age group enabling them make chocolate as their staple healthy daily snack. 

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